Women and the Alchemy of Success

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Learn to Sell with Authenticity and Influence

Transform The Sales Conversation & Increase Your Conversions

The Money Mandala

Find Your Money Power Centre & Transform Every Area Of Your Life

The Money Shift

Breakthrough Your Unique Money Set Point And Catapult Your Earning Power

An Invitation For Conscious Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To Dream Boldly And Succeed Wildly....

Dear Visionary Entrepreneur... Are You Ready To:

  • Break through your financial glass ceiling and create a life of true abundance? One where YOU decide how much money you make and how you create it?
  • Stop settling for what you think you "should" or "can" do and risk the adventure of becoming fully alive?
  • Break through your biggest challenges to enjoy the kind of freedom that is your birthright?
  • Become the change you seek in the world?
  • Define success on your terms - and achieve it?
  • Move from status quo to status GROW?
  • Belong to yourself first?
  • Live, love and lead with wisdom so you can be known as the "go-to" expert in your field while creating a legacy with lasting impact?

"Success should never be limited by a limited imagination." Sandra Wallin

This Is Your Invitation To Alchemy

The Art Of Turning One Thing Into Another

Lead into Gold ~ Fear into Courage ~ Struggle into Freedom ~ Dreams into Reality

Put aside the stories others have written for you and the beliefs and behaviours that have let you reach only so far.

  •  Be happy with what you have.
  •  It's selfish to pursue what you want.
  •  It's wrong to focus on money.
  •  It's better to do what's safe than risk failing at something new.
  •  Financial security is much more important than your passions.
  •  You've got to work hard to make money.
  •  It's better to fit in than stand out.
  •  There is never enough time to do what I want.
  •  To get ahead work comes first and family comes second.
  •  Successful women are never truly happy.
  •  It's impossible to have it all.

While good intentions often lie behind the story and the belief, there comes a time when they no longer serve and you're bursting to break free. 

If you have a desire to create something in your life, then YOU have the power to create it. That's a Universal Truth. You cannot have desire for something that you cannot manifest. 

Women and the Alchemy of Success is for visionary women (and a few smart men) who believe in the extraordinary, desiring to live passionately whilst dreaming their world into being.  

Accepting this Invitation is a declaration of intent to create the life you ache for, the one that will put you face-to-face with yourself and heart-to-heart with your sense of purpose and belonging.  

All of our retreats are highly experiential and interactive allowing you to embody transformation and results on the spot.  

All retreats are held at Chiron's Way. A peaceful piece of paradise, perfect for reflection and life changing transformation. Chiron's way is located in BEAUTIFUL and breathtaking Maple Ridge, BC - a quaint and scenic community just outside of Vancouver, BC - See our FAQ Section for Location & Travel Info.

Meet Sandra

Sandra Wallin is a belief builder and transformation catalyst whose laser sharp focus helps budding visionaries move from stuck to stupendous, quickly and easily.  

Women who work with Sandra learn how to tranform fear, turn struggle into ease, and unbridle themselves from feeling there is never enough time or money so they can grow into spaciousness, abundance and freedom.  

Known as a change agent, motivational teacher and sacred space holder, Sandra is a transformer who debunks the myth that change is painful and slow.  

Her extensive background in belief change psychology, nature based teachings and equine guided learning and leadership have inspired invitations to teach and lecture around the world, most recently at the request of Dr. Bruce Lipton, her mentor, friend and author of The Biology of Belief.  

As a lifelong learner Sandra has earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Science and Education and a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology. A school teacher and counsellor for over twenty years and a psychotherapist for nearly as long, she credits horses as being her greatest teachers.  

Sandra believes in joining our avocation with our vocation and horses have always been her bridge.

Meet Nafissa

Nafissa Shireen is the host of Living Forward TV and a success coach for entrepreneurs focused on Personal Development and Business Mastery.  

By bringing together personal growth along with practical business strategies, she specializes in helping entrepreneurs build a business they love while making quantum leaps in their income. 

Nafissa has over 25 years business experience, having worked with many creative entrepreneurs, as well as serving on the executive teams of major corporations. She holds several advanced & master coaching certifications with a focus on belief change. She’s also certified as an Eating Psychology coach, and is a certified NLP practitioner. She is an avid student of Natural Horsemanship, and believes in listening to the wisdom and feedback horses give us, in order for us to show up fully expressed in our lives.  

Nafissa’s core belief that we always need to be in forward motion, and that by doing so, individuals have the power and the choice to create their life exactly how they want to live it.  

All of Nafissa's work reflects her deeply held values of personal growth, personal power, individual desire, and freedom.

Meet The Herd


Chiron is best known by Plato’s quote which states, 

"Life must be lived as play." 

Chiron is a great teacher of boundaries but once learned, he will accompany you on the dance of a lifetime. 

He is powerful, brilliant and curious as well as kind, sensitive and attuned.


Grace is a Tennessee Walking Horse whom Sandra calls the Equine Apothecary due to her innate ability to know just what lesson to pull out for each person, family or team. 

Whether it is carrying a child with autism to a place of connection and peace, or modeling congruent communication for a CEO, Grace identifies with each person and adjusts her responses to suit. 

People who meet Grace never forget her.  


Xenophon is named after the ancient Greek horse whisperer. When he stepped off the trailer, the ground shook. 

Sandra calls him the Mountain for his sheer size and heart – her husband Greg calls him Hank. Xen is gentle and deep and constantly tries to fit in Sandra's back pocket. 

 He and Tank are the greatest of friends, constantly playing homage to the term HORSIN’ AROUND.


Tank is a horse of many names (Tank, Tanks-alot, Tankaliscious, Angel Horse, Valour) but of one predominant quality… LOVE. 

Everyone who meets him feels welcome and safe, Sandra and Nafissa included. 

If you want to learn more about this Angel of a Horse, read the article Sanda wrote entitled The Sacred Ride.

The Money Mandala

Find Your Money Power Centre & Transform Every Aspect of Your Life

You're designed to live an abundant life, filled with purpose, love, health and prosperity.

If you're not, it's because you've disconnected from your own internal source of power.

What's going on inside you at a deep and subconscious level can be found reflected in every area of your life.

  • Money
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Health
  • Family
  • Self Care

Money, just tends to be the reflection that gets the most attention. So while it may seem it's the "money stuff" that needs transformation, it goes much deeper than that. 

"You'll never be prosperous if you have to ask permission to be so"

The Money Mandala is a 3 Day Experiential Retreat with deep exercises, quiet reflection, expressive arts, belief change, and of course, The Herd.

You'll find where you're blocked then tap into your own internal source of power so you can access it any time you need. You'll transform your relationship with money and the power you discover will carry forth into all aspects of your life.

You'll leave the retreat with your own Money Mandala and a Touchstone Anchor that's been catalyzed by The Herd.

When you create freedom on the inside, you'll experience the joy and freedom in your life, love and finances.

Join us on Oct 25 to 27, 2018 for "The Money Mandala"

And find your money power centre


Early Bird to Sept 25 $1,997 USD*

After Sept 25 $2497 USD*

*As the retreats are in Canada, GST of 5% will be added to the full value of the transaction as per CRA requirements.

After you've enrolled, within one business day our team will send you a client agreement and hold your spot for 24 hours. Please review and sign to confirm your place.

Payment Plans are available for Early Birds

Got Questions? 

Got Questions?

Awesome - we've got answers! 

Do we ride horses? All of the activities and time spent with the horses will be from the ground. No riding or horse experience is required.  

What if I’m scared of horses? All activities can be modified to suit your comfort level with proximity and... it is up to you how much or little you’d like to engage with the horses. That being said, sometimes one or more of the horses will have an opinion about what you need and when this occurs, we do our best to honour the messenger, the message and the receiver.  

How will horses help me with my business? Sandra says "I could write a book about this – hmm maybe I will" And, in all seriousness...

  • They show us where we’re missing the mark or hitting the bulls eye with our communication skills, primarily in the non-verbal domain where 90% or more of all communication stems.  
  • Horses teach us how to stand in our power after which we can move forward with balance, proficiency and grace.  
  • They model the setting, keeping and honouring of healthy boundaries for ourselves and each other.  
  • Horses are masters at calling horsesh** on incongruence.  

Where are the retreats ?

This first series of retreats are being hosted at Chiron's Way a stunning and transformative equine estate in Beautiful Maple Ridge, BC. Maple Ridge is approximately 44km (28miles) North East of Vancouver, BC. As it's a private home, the actual address and direction will be provided upon registration. Please see our travel section for airport and lodging informaion.

What will I need to bring and/or wear?

This retreat will have a catered lunch both days as well as coffee/tea/snacks. In your welcome kit we'll provide you with details and menu selection. 

Although the weather likely will be beautiful, please note that open toe or summer shoes of any kind will not be permitted. Safe closed toe shoes are a must around horses. 

Even though it will be summer time, as Vancouver weather can be unpredictable, if you're travelling, please make sure to pack some light rain gear. While there is an indoor classroom facility in the event of inclement weather, all work with the horses will be outside.

Do you offer refunds?  

Due to the intimate nature of these retreats as well as for the safety of both humans and horses, spaces are limited in order to ensure the best experience possible. As such, once you commit to yourself and request a spot, we commit that spot to you. And for that reason no refunds are offered. If due to completely unforseen and uncontrollable circumstances - such as a medical emergency, you cannot attend, please let us know and we'll happily work with you to apply your investment to a future retreat.

Where can I learn more about Sandra and Nafissa?  

To learn more about Nafissa, go to www.nafissashireen.com or www.LivingForwardTV.com

To learn more about Sandra, go to www.sandrawallin.com or www.chironsway.com  

Travel Information  

Suggested Airports: 

  • If you're coming in from the United States, you may either fly into Vancouver Airport, or if you wish to fly into Washington State and drive up (come through the SUMAS border crossing), we're approximatlely 3 hours from Sea-Tac airport and 1 hour from the Bellingham Airport (border wait times not included) 

A list of lodging suggestions is available HERE 

*Note except for the catered lunches, participants are responsible for their own travel, accomodations and meals. 

What if I need more support after the workshop? If you'd like to take your work deeper, we do have a limited number of VIP day and 2 Day private retreats availale. If you'd like ongoing support, both Nafissa and Sandra have a number of options available to you, either individually or as a team. Please let us know and we'd be happy to help you find perfect support package for you.  

I already have a coach, should I still do this? Absolutely. What you learn during these transformational workshops will only support and enhance any other work you are already doing.  

Why is this in USD? And why are you charging GST on USD

As we serve an international market - both individually and as a team, all of our programs and services are offerd in USD only. The Canada Revenue agency doesn't care what currency we work in, however they DO care that they receive 5% of the total investment for any work done in Canada. As such we are required by law to collect it.  

I don’t have a business yet, is this for me? Money touches all aspects of life an business. This particular retreat is meant for anyone who desires a better relationship with money, and to reach beyond what they thought was possible. 

How do I enroll? Simply click your choice of payment and investment method above and you’ll be taken to a check out form. You'll receive a confirmation email. Once your payment has cleared and our team notified, during business hours, you’ll be sent a client agreement to e-sign and return. This is important as it’s our agreement and commitment to each other. Once we receive your signed agreement you'll receive all of your welcome emails and program details (if we receive it on a holiday or weekend it will send the very next business day)  

And before you do, make sure you have a full read of the program agreement as once you click the enroll button you’ll be committing to these terms.